Bleeding Side Effects of Xarelto Lawsuit in Ohio 

An Ohio woman has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio claiming that anticoagulant drug, Xarelto, caused her to develop gastro-intestinal bleeding. She says she was prescribed the drug in September 2013 while she was being treated for atrial fibrillation and just two months later suffered from serious internal bleeding, which has caused long-term health problems.  

What is Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation (AF) causes a fast and erratic heartbeat. The condition is very common, but if left untreated it can lead to a stroke. There are medications available to help regulate the heartbeat, but if the patient is considered to be at risk of having a stoke, they will also be prescribed anti coagulants or blood thinning drugs to prevent blood clots from forming.

An Alternative to Warfarin

Flag_of_Ohio.svgXarelto (rivaroxaban) is made by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson and is marketed as an alternative to older oral medications such as warfarin that require doctors to prescribe a specific dose per patient. It was first approved for sale in 2011 and has proven to be very effective. Xarelto is not the only anti coagulant drug on the market, but it does have the biggest market share and is a huge earner for Bayer and Johnson & Johnson.

Severe Side Effects

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, one of the major side effects of Xarelto is uncontrolled bleeding that can lead to organ damage and death. It is this dangerous side effect that has led to a number of patients filing lawsuits against Bayer, claiming that the drug company failed to give the public sufficient warnings about Xarelto’s side effects. Find best advice on cgmp violations

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Multiple Xarelto Lawsuits

lawsuit-page-375x250Since December 2014, all lawsuits filed against Bayer have been centralized as part of a multi-district litigation and are now presided over by U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Court records indicate that there are now 1,710 Xarelto lawsuits lodged with the courts, but more are continuing to be filed.

Each claimant alleges that serious and deadly complications occurred as a result of internal bleeding; and that Bayer suppressed vital information about the lack of a suitable reversal agent. Unlike warfarin, whose internal bleeding side effects can be quickly reversed in the event of an emergency, there is no available antidote for Xarelto.

Judge Fallon is allowing four bellwether trials to take place in June 2017. The first four Xarelto trials are scheduled to go before juries in February and March 2017. The third trial will be held in April and the fourth in May. The four trials will be selected from a total of 40 trial-ready lawsuits where there is already case-specific discovery, prescribing doctors, depositions of plaintiffs, and other essential information.

Pradaxa Lawsuits

There has been a similar raft of lawsuits filed against Boehringer Ingelheim in respect of their anti coagulant drug, Pradaxa. 752 patients are reported to have died in connection with Pradaxa whereas there have only been 379 reported patient deaths associated with Xarelto, but similar allegations of a lack of information relating to an antidote were made. 4,000 lawsuits were filed against Boehringer Ingelheim, but the company agreed to pay out $650 million in settlements on the eve of the trial.

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Texan Wants Companies to Write Own Injury Laws 

Bill Minick, a mild-mannered Texan lawyer, is rewriting the rules on how companies take care of injured workers. Thanks to plans written by him, many of the largest employers in Texas have already opted out of state workers’ compensation laws and written their own. According to Minick this move is not only cheaper for employers – it’s also better for the workers. But is this really true, or are hardworking, loyal employees being sold up the river without a paddle? 

State workers’ compensation pays out medical benefits and provides wage replacement for employees injured at work. In return for accepting these benefits, the worker relinquishes their rights to sue the company for negligence.

The plans written by Minick’s law firm have been independently analyzed by experts and the investigation found that most of the new injury benefit plans taken up by companies such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Sears, Walmart and other big employers are extremely restrictive, offer lower benefits, and are not regulated by an independent body.

A Duty of Care

10910847_lThe whole premise of workers’ compensation is that an employer has a duty of care to his employees. If a worker is injured through the course of his job, the law in every single state requires that the employer covers the cost of medical bills and a proportion of lost wages until the worker is able to return to work. And if this never happens because the injury is too severe, then the payments continue for life. This is a huge expense for employers, so it is not surprising that they have been looking at ways to cut the cost of funding workers’ comp.

Employers Opting Out of Workers’ Comp

personal-injury-casesWhen Bill Minick came up with the idea of allowing employers to opt out of state workers’ compensation laws and write their own plans, it must have seemed like manna from heaven to corporate America. Sadly it has been anything but for the people at the other end of the line: the workers. If you want to be well informed at the time please consult

Under the new plans written by Minick, treatment ends after two years, the list of things not covered by the plans runs to several pages, and employers have complete control over what treatment an employee receives, who they see, and how often they have to be examined. If a worker refuses to accept what’s on offer, they relinquish their rights completely.

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The Opt-Out Movement Marches On

Following his success in Texas, Minick began targeting companies in Oklahoma, encouraging them to lobby for a change in the law. Eventually a bill was passed allowing employers to opt out of workers’ comp. Minick has since started the push to introduce his bill into Tennessee and has settled on his next target: South Carolina.

Critics of the new plan say it is a regression back to the bad old days when workers had no rights at all. Workers injured under the new plan are in agreement, with many discovering they are no longer covered. Even worse, if an employer opts out of workers’ comp, employees are no longer protected if an employer fires them in retaliation for making a claim. So whilst Minick and his corporate friends are keen to keep pushing for changes in workers’ comp, the workers affected by the changes are struggling to see how things are better for them.

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Surviving A Personal Injury

After a personal injury, a lot of people feel disoriented and they don’t know exactly what today should you do.  Whether you had had a personal injury yourself, or someone close to you, there are certain things which you should do in order to protect yourself and others. 

Firstly, you should seek medical help.  This is by far the most important aspect of an injury which must be covered in the very first moments following the accident.  Even many in the injuries are not apparent, you should seek medical attention.  Medical examiners will compose a medical report which will come useful in other stages of legal matters.  Therefore, you or a journey will advise you to visits medical examiners that will compose a medical report.  Moreover, some injuries only show months or weeks after the accident. If you haven’t mentioned these injuries to a doctor, you basically don’t have any coverage from the legal perspective from Personal Injury Attorneys.  Therefore, even though you all are not aware of some medical issues, you should mention them to your doctor, because   some symptoms, such as injuries of the soft tissue or brain injuries, may take weeks and months to develop, and they should not be neglected or overlooked.

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personal-injuryAfter seeking immediate medical help you should contact your attorney. The best would be that you find a personal injury attorney who is experienced in this branch of law and who has had previous success when it comes to cases that involve personal injuries. A good and knowledgeable personal injury attorney will point you to the right directions concerning medical examines you should take and they will take the care of your case. Therefore, it is essential that you find a personal injury attorney that you will be able to trust and who will provide you with appropriate legal advice. Also, it is convenient for you if your personal injury attorney accepts contingency basis payment, which means you he will get a percentage off the sum you are paid from your insurance, then both of you will work towards the same goal.

Sometimes, attorneys have left their clients when they haven’t accepted their advice of accepting a sum suggested by the insurance company. Speak to your attorney before you hire them and make sure that your attorney will comply to your wishes as a client. This will save you from problems which might arise later. Also, it is important that you work with your attorney and provide all the necessary data and visit the medical examiners.

Pasadena-personal-injury-lawyerWhen it comes to compensations which you should receive, your attorney is the best person to inform you on this matter. However, you should know that common compensations include the following: prescriptions, doctors’ visits, medical equipment, funeral expenses, loss of companionship, lost wages, pain and suffering and punitive damages.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitution for an expert legal advice. If you have had a personal injury it is advisable that you contact your personal injury attorney who will provide you with relevant advice on this legal matter.

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